Nasal & Sinuses

1- Functional Rhinoplasty
2- Aesthetic Rhiniplasty.
3- Post-traumatic nasal deformities and surgical correction.
4- Revision and cartilage grafting Rhinoseptoplasty.
5- Correction of nasal septal deformities and septal perforations.
6- Reconstruction of anterior nasal valve stenosis.
7- Chronic Rhinosinusitis with and without polyps.
8- Naso-sinus benign and malignant tumours, Maxillectomy and neck dissection.


1- Cholesteatoma and Mastoid Surgery.
2- Ossiculoplasty and Troublesome Mastoid Cavity.
3- Revision Mastoidectomy and Paediatric Mastoidectomy.
4- Stapedectomy and Stabedotomy.
5- Repairing Perforated eardrum.
6- Sudden Onset of Sensorineural Hearing loss.
7- Vertigo and Rehabilitation; Acute Vestibular Failure. Cupulithiasis, Canalolithiasis, Meneir Disease.
8- Paediatric and Adult Otitis Media and Otitis Externa.
9- Bat Ears, Pinnaplasty.
10- Glomus Tumour, Glomus Tympanicus, and Lateral Skull Base Surgery.
11- Facial Nerve Decompression and Reconstruction.


1- Intracapsular and extracapsular microscopic guidance Tonsillectomy with minimal possible pain.
2- Adenoidectomy.
Sleeping disorder, snoring and Obstructed Sleep Apnea.
3- All vocal cords’ benign lesions, precancer lesions and carcinoma institute, Phosurgery, Microscopic and endoscopic vocal cords microsurgery.
4- All Salivary glands diseases, Stones, and tumours. Parotidectomy and submandibular gland resection, Ranula.
5- Congenital and branchial cyst/ Sinus surgeries.
6- All neck Lymphadenopathy management and surgery including Thyroidectomy.